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New Modding Tool in Playstation 3 Removed Water in the Ocean in Grand Theft Auto 5

New Modding Tool in Playstation 3 Removed Water in the Ocean in Grand Theft Auto 5

They have introduced a new mod in the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V. The Kotaku report stated that a user called Skypilot has successfully used a cheat to change the game codes and drain away the sea in Los Santos in the PS3 version of GTA V.  Players can walk, drive and fly under the ocean after the ocean water is drained. The ocean floor is uneven so it is suitable for players to travel on it with all terrain vehicles (ATV) and motorbikes. The mod has caused some problems to arise as the ocean is not designed to be traveled by road vehicles. One of the side effects is the glitching and noise issues. The hack will not work in the GTA V Online. The hack will only work on a jailbreak PS3 console. The original PS3 console does not allow players to drain away the ocean water in the Grand Theft Auto V by making changes to the game codes. Both the PS3 and Xbox versions of GTA 5 were debuted on the 17th September in USA. You can find out the screenshots on the PS3 GTA 5 online money hack  on the gallery to the left side.

Rockstar Games Responded to Unhappy Fans on Money Hacks In Grand Theft Auto Online

More and more players are getting unhappy with other players who use money cheats to play the GTA 5 Online. The Kotaku report, which was published on the 26th December, claimed that some players have discussed about their frustrations over this problem on the support page of the Rockstar. Rockstar Games has been doing their best to ensure fair gameplay in the GTA 5 Online. They are suspending the accounts of players who used cheats and modding tools to hack the game. They have also removed all the in-game currency that are generated through hacking tool. This will not be a concern for you if you did not intend to receive the illegitimate in-game currency from hackers in GTA 5 hack tool Online. In order to use the hacking tool, hackers reportedly use a modded console. This enables them to use the hacking tool to change the amount of money they will earn from carrying out a robbery in the GTA 5 Online. These hackers will then distribute the money to other players. Rockstar Games hasn’t come up with a patch to fix this problem. The latest update for GTA 5 is the 1.08 patch, which is designed to get rid of vehicles copies in the game. You can visit the gallery on the left to see the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. To purchase GTA 5, please visit this link, “GTA 5”. You can find deals on the Grand Theft Auto 5 game here “Deals”.

New 1.09 Patch Fix Money Hacks and Other Hacks in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games has recently added a new patch which will fix a lot of hacking issues in GTA 5. To enhance the anti-cheat rule, GTA 5 launched the patch 1.01 for PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The patch will also prevent players from using money cheats to generate an unlimited amount of money and cause RP glitch in the game. Rockstar has been trying to deal with the cheats problems, since October in the past year. They have come up with numerous patches, in hope to fix the cheats. Howevers, the hackers kept on coming up with new hacks to generate unlimited money on the game. They finally come up with a patch in December 20133 that can efficiently put an end to all the cheats in GTA 5. The notes of the patch is quite short as it only attend to 2 issues in the game. The list of the GTA 5 1.09 patch can be found below. They haven’t confirm whether the patch will completely resolve the hacking problems in the GTA V Online but it is sure that they are already making some significant progress.

Revenue of DLC Microtransaction Grand Theft Auto Online Revealed

Information on the revenue of the GTA Online generator game has been released. In the Dual Shockers report, which was published on the 18th February, Strauss Zelnick claimed that almost 50% of the online revenue they pulled in last year in the final quarter of the fiscal year were derived from players who used the in game currency purchase products in the GTA 5 Online. In GTA Online, you can purchase cash card to reload currency into the game. There has been some rumours that the developer launch the patches to make it harder for hackers to earn money in the game. You can take a look at the slide show on the left to learn about what Strauss Zelnick has said about the GTA 5 game. According to the publisher of GTA 5, they bring in a revenue of about $132.8 millions from selling the downloadable version of the game in the last 3 months of 2013. They managed to reach up to $66.4 million in sales within this period. GTA V was launched on Q3 of the fiscal year of Take Two Interactive, which comes to an end on the 31st March. More than 32.5 million copies of the PS3 and Xbox 360 GTA 5 has been sold.

Heist Missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 Allows Two Players Team

Heist Missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 Allows Two Players Team


Many players are looking forward to the release of the GTA 5 game. Rockstar Games have launched the game as planned on the 10th of March. The new GTA 5 Online features a multi-tier heist missions. You and your friends can carry out multi stage heists through robbing banks in the game. Successful completion of a mission will offer a handsome rewards. GTA 5 cheats Online allows up to 4 players. In the beginning stage, you can only carry out the heist in a two players team. This is great for players who do not like to play in a large group. There are a lot of missions which you have to complete before you can carry out the heists. There are various types of objectives you need to achieve in the missions, for example obtaining certain equipment. You will learn how to lookout for the enemies through the missions. These missions will basically train you to become a better player. You will also learn how to hack a security system through the heists. You will be rewarded with a large bonus if it is the first time you complete the heist. You can use the Lester function to play the heist all over again. New unlocks will be available once you have finished a mission. For instance, you will be able to unlock the armored supercar after you complete the first robbery heist. When you finish a mission, you will be allowed to purchase an armored vehicle. Rockstar Games offers the GTA V game on various types of platforms including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.  The desktop version of the GTA V Online will also be available next month.